Preschool Power! Programs 1-4: Help Someone Smaller

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Preschool Power! Programs 1-4

$49.95 (MSRP $59.99) - 120 minutes
Item #0002

The first four progams on one convenient DVD.
Running time: 120 minutes

Preschool Power! 1-4 "Help Someone Smaller" offers the first half of the full 8-show series. The first four 30-minute programs show many of the most basic skills in their simplest form. So it's a good place to start for youngest viewers or those who haven't been exposed to a Montessori program.

Like the title of a favorite song on this disk, the totally natural little teachers really do: “Help Someone Smaller”. Children love to teach other children, to “show them how”. And these small teachers really throw themselves into the task!

At right, 4 year old Jelani wows even himself as he shows your child how to mix blue water with yellow water to get green. Ta dah! This is an example of one of the many "pre-science" experiments and "magic tricks" you'll find interspersed in all the episodes. They're great fun, easy to try at home. And they'll stimulate your little guy's curiosity.)

All the Preschool Power! DVDs share the same basic preschooler-friendly picture-based menu that makes it so easy and fast to locate a particularly effective sequence or to find a little “pal” in the series who has become a favorite with your child. 

Your children will continue to learn new skills and to polish those learned in earlier sequences. For parents, one of the most satisfying pleasures of investing in Preschool Power! is hearing their child say, “Look at me! See? I can do it on my own!”

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