Preschool Power! Programs 5-8: I Can Do It On My Own

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Preschool Power! Programs 5 - 8
I Can Do It On My Own

$49.95 (MSRP $59.99) - 120 minutes
Item #0003

Four more 30-minute episodes on one convenient DVD.
Running time: 120 minutes

Like the first four programs, the second four-set dvd is filled with fun, jokes and original songs. There are also tons more skills demonstrations and loads of activity ideas. Plus you’ll see exactly how to set them up easily and inexpensively so your child can practice at home.

If you ask the question, "Are these second four programs are more appropriate for older children?" The answer is no. The first 4 shows do spend more time on basic level skill development. However, the second 4 shows in the series continue the formula of providing a careful variety of age-appropriate sequences.

For example, a wash cloth folding demonstration is taught by two-year old Jeremey and later in the same program, 5 year old Rhea whips up cheese biscuits and makes a crown of maple leaves.

But no matter what the skill level of the demonstrations, all children ages two to as old as 10, actually, seem to thoroughly enjoy watching each program all the way through – and again and again. Entertainment and learning rolled into one. That’s the best way to learn!

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