Preschool Power! 1 and 2: Jacket Flips And Other Tips

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Preschool Power! Program 1 & 2
Jacket Flips and Other Tips
The Two Set DVD Sampler is the first two 30-minute programs on one DVD.

$27.95 (MSRP $29.99) - Running time: 60 minutes
Item #0004

Why do kids learn so quickly with Preschool Power? The secret is the young teachers. They’re all between two and six years of age--fantastic role models that will soon become some of your child's best friends. They demonstrate useful physical skills with a joy and competence that is totally contagious. Watch and see! It won't be long before your kiddo is clamoring to practice the things he sees his on-screen pals doing. 

The first two programs were big award-winners for the series. They won prestigious Parent's Choice and New York International Film Festival first place gold medals!   

While we offer even better prices and discounts for the longer dvds in the Preschool Power! series, nevertheless, it's both fun and reassuring to know that your child will be exposed to a pair of International Gold Medal Winners-- and at a very affordable price!

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