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Preschool Power!
The complete 8-program series on one DVD!
Little Kids Doing Big Things

$69.95 (MSRP $99.99) - 240 minutes
Item #0001 

All eight 30-minute episodes. 
The best value!
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Why do kids learn so quickly with Preschool Power? The secret is the young teachers. They’re all between two and six years of age--fantastic role models that will soon become some of your child's best friends. They demonstrate useful physical skills with a joy and competence that is totally contagious. Watch and see! It won't be long before your kiddo is clamoring to practice the things he sees his on-screen pals doing.

Especially designed for pre-reading children, the innovative dvd menu makes it possible for even two-year-olds to quickly pick out their favorite Preschool Power! sequences, to go straight to their favorite little teachers, by looking at the menu photos that mark each sequence. (Right Jimmy (3) shows your child how to turn a shirt sleeve right side out.)

And for Mom or Dad, the user-friendly menu means it’s literally only a matter of seconds to any sequence you might be watching with your child for a special purpose.

The DVD 8-Set (Little Kids Doing Big Things) is a great buy--the entire award-winning series--8 30-minute episodes on one convenient DVD. It will offer your child, grandchild or significant other little one literally years of fun and learning!

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